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2020 APA VA Conference

We'll Get you moving!

July 19-22, 2020

Richmond Marriott (Downtown)

Transportation plays a key role in how our communities and neighborhoods are designed and function. Transportation options, or lack thereof, influence economic mobility, social equity, public health, climate change, recreation, and virtually every other aspect of daily living. Twenty first century plans must address transportation challenges and innovations to ensure the vision we establish for our communities remain viable and equitable.

Priority may be given to sessions that exemplify the 2020 Conference theme (stated above) and/or those topics identified by the Conference Planning Committee including: woman & minorities in planning, career development
& advancement, planning management, finance & budgeting, equity & diversity, new & emerging technologies (solar, broadband, apps), civic engagement and public participation.

Please submit all proposals by January 31, 2020 to rfp@apavirginia.com


Every year, the American Planning Association, Virginia Chapter engages in its annual awards program. This effort is the Chapter’s opportunity to recognize the tireless work of individuals who bring great planning and places to the Commonwealth. As a professional association, recognizing members and
their work is a core function of the Chapter. It is the responsibility of APA Virginia to identify, acknowledge and promote great planning.

Submit all award nominations no later than

March 16 to awards@apavirginia.com. 

Award nominations will be reviewed, ranked, and selected through the Chapter’s Awards Committee.


Individual Awards

The Nelsonite Award –

Virginia’s Planning Advocate of the Year:
Named for Virginia’s State Rock, the advocate award represents the bedrock of good planning in the Commonwealth. The award recognizes an individual or organization that advocates for planning on a local, regional or statewide scale.


The Dogwood Award –

Virginia’s Citizen Planners of the Year:
This award honors an outstanding Planning Commission that serves as an example for all citizen planners, by being: dedicated, objective, open, moral, balanced, and knowledgeable of the framework of planning in Virginia.

The Cardinal Awards –

Legislator of the Year:
Named for the State bird, the Cardinal Awards recognize elected officials that can see the big picture and find solutions through the field of planning. Local and State legislators are eligible for these recognitions.

Planning Efforts

Holzheimer Economic Development Award:
In honor of Terry Holzheimer, the Chapter will recognize great planning efforts for improving Virginia’s Economic Development. Eligible nominations include: planning studies, initiatives, programs, or site development. The successful nominee will show how these efforts resulted in economic development results to the locality, region, or state.


Old Dominion Innovative Approaches Award:
Virginia has many unique challenges, where innovative planning solutions are critical for making great places happen. The Innovative Approaches Award recognizes pioneering planning efforts in the Commonwealth. Nominees may include innovative planning processes, plans, programs, initiatives or site developments that have or will result in real results.

Commonwealth Plan of the Year Award:
The Commonwealth Plan of the Year Award honors the best planning document of the year. A successful nominee will show that the effort included outstanding planning processes, vision, implementation strategies and innovative approaches. The planning document can be local, regional or a statewide effort.

Resilient Virginia Community of the Year Award:
This award recognizes a community’s effort and commitment to build resilience through responsible planning practice and innovation. Successful nominees will present real-world solutions for buffering their community from the adverse effects of critical changes related to, for example, inadequate infrastructure, climate change, natural disasters, food and water shortages, economic restructuring, or institutional/organizational capacity changes.

Commonwealth Connectors Award:
Planners diligently work, sometimes over many years, to implement new ideas to solve the Commonwealth’s transportation challenges. From distribution centers to autonomous vehicles, each community is finding creative ways to meet the diversity of today’s modern-day transportation needs. This award highlights innovative and exceptional transportation-focused planning.

Great Places

The Jamestown Award – Locality of the Year:
In honor of the first local government in Virginia, the Chapter will recognize a locality that has undertaking a sound and innovative planning practices, not in a single plan but through various efforts. This award recognizes a town, city or county that is dedicated to the principles of planning.

The Red Clay Award – Development of the Year:
Virginia’s red clay is the Commonwealth’s traditional building material, making it an appropriate name for Virginia’s Development of the Year Award. This recognition honors a development that exhibits the values of great planning, helping to create a great place in Virginia. Eligible nominees include infill
developments, building rehabilitation projects, brownfield redevelopments, downtown redevelopment, and other similar projects.


1. What Category 

Indicate what category or categories you are targeting for your nomination. 

2. Abstract 

Provide a brief abstract (no more than one page), which should include:
a. A description of the project, document, or nominee;
b. Why this is worthy of recognition for the category; and
c. How it advances planning in the Commonwealth. 

3. Contact information

Provide contact information for the nominator (name, credentials,
employer, email address, & phone number) and for those who will need to be included on the award recognition (name, title, email address).

4. Supporting Material 

Provide any supporting materials as a PDF and/or links to related content for inclusion in the awards submission

Submit all award nominations no later than

March 16 to awards@apavirginia.com. 

Award nominations will be reviewed, ranked, and selected through the Chapter’s Awards Committee.

Chapter information

APA Virginia strives to provide ongoing professional development and engagement for its members and planners around the Commonwealth.

A list of available webinars, networking events and educational opportunities are always available online.

Your Hour with APA Virginia is APA Virginia's monthly webinar series, sponsored by The Berkley Group.  They occur the 4th Monday of every month from noon to 1pm.

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