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2024 APA Virginia Awards program

Congratulations to 2024 award winners!

we cannot wait to celebrate you in Williamsburg

award categories:

Individual Awards

The Individual Awards categories honor individuals who are great practitioners and advocates of planning in Virginia.

The Foxhound Award: Distinguished New Professional

2024 Award Winner: To Be Announced in Williamsburg!

This award is named for the State dog of Virginia, the American Foxhound, and is awarded to an outstanding new planner (less than five years of experience). Like the Foxhound, this award recognizes a planner at the outset of their career who is good-natured, reliable, and known for their work ethic and their consideration for others.

New in 2024! Larson Distinguished Professional Award

2024 Award Winner: To Be Announced in Williamsburg!

In honor of Glenn Larson, FAICP, who has dedicated his career to advancing the
American Planning Association, the American Institute of Certified Planners, and Virginia
communities by championing initiatives that promote integrity, diversity, equity, and
volunteerism. This award recognizes a planner who is a model to the profession for their
experience, their breadth of knowledge, and their high ethical standards. This award recognizes exceptional skill and achievement from an individual planner.

Moeser Outstanding Service Award

2024 Award Winner: Samia Byrd

 In honor of the late Dr. John V. Moeser, our esteemed colleague who was described as an ‘advocate for a more just society and an urban studies trailblazer’, the Chapter will recognize a planner who has contributed to the growth of the profession and the improvement of their community. This award recognizes a remarkable planner who has embodied APA’s mission statement of Creating Great Communities for All with their individual efforts.

 Chandler Award - Virginia's Citizen Planner of the Year

2024 Award Winner: Stephen Kenney

Over his 43-year career, Dr. Chandler has trained and educated more than 15,000 Virginians in matters involving land use planning and zoning practices. Participants from his many lessons note that Dr. Chandler is “an icon in Virginia Planning” who “left a lasting impression on the Commonwealth.” In his honor, the Chapter has renamed the Dogwood Award to the Chandler Award. This award recognizes the contributions of a citizen planner to their community and is a fitting recognition of Dr. Chandler's efforts to educate Virginia's citizen planners over his career. 

The Cardinal Awards – Legislator of the Year

2024 Award Winner: The Honorable Jeremy McPike

Named for the State bird, the Cardinal Awards recognize elected officials that can see the big picture and find solutions through the field of planning. Local and State legislators are eligible for these recognitions.

The President's Award

More information to be shared with winner announcement!

2024 Award Winner: To be announced.

Planning Efforts

The Planning Efforts category recognizes planning documents, a program or initiatives that make great places happen in the Commonwealth.

Holzheimer Economic Development Award

2024 Award Winner: City of Chesapeake

2024 Award Winning Project: Chesapeake Industrial Waterfront Study

In honor of Dr. Terry Holzheimer, our esteemed former colleague who passed away in 2014 and was described as “one of the deans of the economic development profession”, the Chapter will recognize great planning efforts for improving Virginia’s economic development. The successful nominee will show how their study, initiative, program, or even site development yielded economic development results for their locality, region, or state.


Old Dominion Innovative Approaches Award

2024 Award Winner: Fairfax County 

2024 Award Winning Project: Parking Reimagined

Virginia has many unique challenges, where innovative planning solutions are critical for making great places happen. The Innovative Approaches Award recognizes pioneering planning efforts in the Commonwealth. Nominees may include innovative planning processes, plans, programs, initiatives, or site developments that have or will result in real results. 



Commonwealth Connectors Award

2024 Award Winner:  City of Harrisonburg

2024 Award Winning Project: The Friendly City Trail

Planners diligently work, sometimes over many years, to implement new ideas to solve the Commonwealth’s transportation challenges. From distribution centers to autonomous vehicles, each community is finding creative ways to meet the diversity of today’s modern-day transportation needs. This award highlights innovative and exceptional transportation-focused planning.


New in 2024: Equity in Planning Award

2024 Award Winner:  City of Richmond

2024 Award Winning Project: Richmond Connects

This award recognizes Virginia planning practices that promote equity, diversity,
inclusion, and accessibility within the planning field. The successful nominee will be a planning
process, plan, program, and/or initiative in Virginia that addresses the concerns of women and/or
minority groups related to planning.


The great places category recognizes great places, developments, and communities in Virginia.


The Jamestown Award – Locality of the Year

2024 Award Winner: Fairfax County

2024 Award Winning Project: Expanding Housing Options in Fairfax

In honor of the first local government in Virginia, the Chapter will recognize a locality that has undertaken a sound and innovative planning practices, not in a single plan but through various efforts. This award recognizes a town, city, or county that is dedicated to the principles of planning.



This category recognizes the exceptional work of students in the planning field.


More information & announcements coming soon!

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