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2022 annual conference

2022 Annual Conference Richmond Marriott Downtown July 17-20.png

Richmond, VIRGINIA



JULY 17-20, 2022

No upcoming events at the moment


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APA 22 Receptions.png
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2022 conference REGISTRATION RATES

                                                                   EARLY BIRD                                REGULAR
                                                                  UNTIL JUNE 30, 2022                      AFTER JULY 1


APA Virginia Member                                                  $525                                                     $580
   Full Registration
APA Virginia Member                                               $230                                                    $250


APA New Professional Member*                            $370                                                    $405
   Full Registration
APA New Professional Member*                            $135                                                      $150

Speaker: APA Virginia Member                              $400                                                    $445
   Full Registration
Speaker: APA Virginia Member                              $195                                                      $220
Speaker: Non-APA Virginia Member                       $460                                                    $510
   Full Registration​
Speaker: Non-APA Virginia Member                      $230                                                    $250

Non-APA Virginia Member                                       $580                                                    $640
   Full Registration
Non-APA Virginia Member                                        $285                                                     $310 

Faculty                                                                          $400                                                    $445  
   Full Registration
Faculty                                                                          $170                                                      $190

Planning Commissioner                                            FREE                                                    $250
   Full Registration
Planning Commissioner                                              FREE                                                    $120 

Student**                                                                           $50                                                       $100

*A new professional is a planner who has been working 0-5 years
**Students are undergraduates or post-graduates currently enrolled or having just graduated in the Spring 2022 semester. Students will be asked to identify their college/university on their registration.

Interested in more information about the 2022 conference, such as sponsorship opportunities or how to volunteer?


There is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID in any public space and exposure is possible despite following all recommended guidelines. Protocols will remain consistent with CDC recommendations, as well as any current state regulation at the time of the conference. All conference attendees will be expected to follow all local and state public health mandates and on-site guidelines.


Currently, Virginia does not require proof of vaccination and does not have a mask mandate.

By attending APA Virginia’s Annual conference, you are assuming all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. APA Virginia will not be liable for any real or perceived exposure to COVID-19 or other transmitted conditions.

If you do not feel well or have been exposed to someone with COVID within 14 days of attending the Conference, please stay home. 

APA Virginia will work with the Richmond Marriott to provide extra precautions such as sanitizing stations, spaced seating as available, and regular communication with attendees about conference guidelines.

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