Community Planning Assistance Team (CPAT): Boones Mill - Appalachian Gateway (Sunday July 16, 1pm t

The Town of Boones Mill presents a distinctive opportunity for this year’s Community Planning Assistance Team (CPAT) volunteers to study small town revitalization in terms of land use, community facilities, and the practical partnerships needed for progress in an environment of severely limited resources. The Town has a population of about 250 residents, and a total area less than one square mile, but a daily traffic count over 25,000 that passes through Town along US 220 from Roanoke, VA to Greensboro, NC. Development from Roanoke metro-area brings new opportunities to this Appalachian gateway village, but the Town is still struggling with the effects of the 2008 closure of the modular housing plant which was the only large employer. As Franklin County and the New River Valley expand their economic bases, Boones Mill must determine how best to define itself in this new environment and take advantage of the opportunities without getting lost in the current of change.


By pairing a multidisciplinary team of expert planning professionals from around the Commonwealth with community members, key stakeholders, and relevant decision makers, the place-based initiative seeks to foster community education, engagement, and empowerment. Planners will provide real-world expertise, visioning, and strategic planning that will greatly benefit future planning efforts in the Town of Boones Mill. This year, the CPAT project includes a tour of the Town, a visioning exercise with local leaders and citizens, and small group goal setting. The CPAT concludes at Hammer & Forge Brewing Company, an active partner in jumpstarting community revitalization, attracting other small businesses, and building excitement in the community says Town Manager Matt Lawless.

Join the CPAT, Sunday July 16 from 1pm to 5pm. CPAT will depart from and return to the Hotel Roanoke.


Tour Cost - FREE;

Limited to 20 participants

Thanks to an anonymous donor, this tour is now at no cost. CM Credits are available. Register Today before it is sold out!

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