Advanced Skills for Planning Commissioners at Roanoke 2017

Planning Commissioners often have a lot to learn when they are first appointed. A general orientation to land use law, their basic duties, and the planning process itself can be overwhelming. Similarly, newer staff members may have a received a good education at a top-tier university (Go Hokies!) but may not have been exposed to best-practices that make up the day-to-day business of a planning office. In this workshop, we invite both professional planners and citizen planners alike to enhance their interpersonal skills, as they relate to planning. Attendees will learn to avoid meet “traps” through meeting management skills building. Robert’s Rules of Order will be reviewed and practiced in a “real world” scenario. Since you’re only as good as your weakest link, we’ll provide tips from leading planning directors to help you spot, build, and retain a strong “planning culture” on your commission, in your planning office, and across your community.

Join Jonah Fogel, Director of Virginia Tech's Land Use Education Program, and Mike Chandler, Director of Education for the Land Use Education Program, for an in-depth workshop on Sunday afternoon. Kick off your conference with a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity!

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