2017 Awards Categories

Nomination Period

Nominations for the APA Virginia Chapter’s 2017 Awards will be accepted through February 3rd, 2017. The Chapter encourages nominators to submit applications as soon as possible, as the Chapter will publish stories and promotional materials throughout the spring and summer. This is a great opportunity to get recognized and promote great planning in the Commonwealth.


Awards Categories

In 2017, the Chapter has a new approach to its annual awards program. There are additional award categories that recognize great planning efforts, professionals, planning advocates and some of Virginia’s best communities.

Individual Awards

The Individual Awards categories honor individuals who are great practitioners and advocates of planning in Virginia.


The Nelsonite Award – Virginia’s Planning Advocate of the Year:

Named for Virginia’s State Rock, the advocate award represents the bedrock of good planning in the Commonwealth. The award recognizes an individual or organization that advocates for planning on a local, regional or statewide scale.

Click here to nominate someone for the Nelsonite Award


The Dogwood Award – Virginia’s Citizen Planner of the Year:

This award honors an outstanding Planning Commissioner that serves as an example for all citizen planners, by being: dedicated, objective, open, moral, balanced, and knowledgeable of the framework of planning in Virginia.  

Click here to nominate someone for the Dogwood Award


The Cardinal Award – Virginia’s Planner of the Year:

The Cardinal Award honors an exceptional planning practitioner that exhibits the value that all of Virginia’s planners strive to achieve: dedicated, hardworking, moral, fair, and passionate about making great places happen.

Click here to nominate someone for the Cardinal Award

Planning Efforts

The Planning Efforts Category recognizes planning documents, program and initiatives that make great places happen in the Commonwealth.


Planning Department of the Year:

This award honors a local planning department for efforts conducted since 2016. Successful nominees will include departments that conducted outstanding service to its locality, to make great places happen in their community.

Click here to nominate a Planning Department of the Year

Planning Consultants of the Year:

Many of Virginia’s great planning efforts are conducted by private firms that work with their clients to affect sound planning. This award honors an exceptional consulting group for (a) planning effort(s) that make great places happen in Virginia. Successful nominations will show one or more planning efforts that exemplify the values of the planning field. 

Click here to nominate a Consultant of the Year


Holzhiemer Economic Development Award:

In honor of Terry Holzheimer, the Chapter will recognize great planning efforts for improving Virginia’s Economic Development. Eligible nominations include: planning studies, initiatives, programs, or site development. The successful nominee will show how these efforts resulted in economic development results to the locality, region, or state.

Click here to nominate an effort for the Holzhiemer Award


Old Dominion Innovative Approaches Award:

Virginia has many unique challenges, where innovative planning solutions are critical for making great places happen. The Innovative Approaches Award recognizes pioneering planning efforts in the Commonwealth. Nominees may include innovative planning processes, plans, programs, initiatives or site developments that have or will result in real results.

Click here to nominate an effort for the Old Dominion Award 


Commonwealth Plan of the Year Award:

The Commonwealth Plan of the Year Award honors the best planning document of the year. A successful nominee will show that the effort included outstanding planning processes, vision, implementation strategies and innovative approaches. The planning document can be local, regional or a statewide effort.

Click here to nominate a Plan of the Year

Great Places

The great places category recognizes great places, developments, and communities in Virginia.


The Jamestown Award – Locality of the Year:

In honor of the first local government in Virginia, the Chapter will recognize the locality of the year. This award recognizes a town, city or town that is dedicated to the principles of good planning.

Click here to nominate a locality for the Jamestown Award


The Red Clay Award – Development of the Year:

Virginia’s red clay is the Commonwealth’s traditional building material, making it an appropriate name for Virginia’s Development of the Year Award. This recognition honors a development that exhibits the values of great planning, helping to create a great place in Virginia. Eligible nominees include infill developments, building rehabilitation projects, brownfield redevelopments, downtown redevelopment, and other similar projects.

Click here to nominate a development for the Red Clay Award

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